Why Crossovers Are Important

Why Crossovers Are Important.

This is a post from Chasing Woven Glass. Please read it before you read this post any farther.

NOW that you know what I will be talking about(because you’ve just read the post from the link above), I will post an ad.

“Crossover wanted. For my character Tyla Oliver from the so far unnamed project Vandi and I are working on. (Almost) Any character from any genre will be accepted. I reserve the right to refuse the character offered. Please contact me at godsdaugterforever@gmail.com if you are interested.”


5 thoughts on “Why Crossovers Are Important

    1. Lol, yeah, that would be kind of interesting… XD But if you wanna use another charrie besides the ones in Dbat… go ahead, doesn’t bother me. I’ve only got one offer so far.

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