My Girls.

So, in companion to my ‘boys’ post, here is my ‘girls’ post. Considerably shorter than my boys’ one, as you can see.

ab35f5dcc5803f56487c80ada4af1537  Ichiara. Elf princess of Shalanda Valley, heroine of Wanderlust. Mother to Region, exiled from her home. Wielding the power to manipulate a person into thinking she’s reading their mind(when she really can’t), so that they’ll tell her information she wants to know.

When she stumbles upon the truth behind her mother’s disappearance so shortly after her marriage to a human, her step-father drives her and her husband away so she can’t disclose what she knows to the other elves in the Valley. But it doesn’t matter. Her subjects are loyal to her even when Ekbard tells them she’s dead.

Westra  Westra! Second heroine of HoH! Region’s ‘girl’, I haven’t plotted out their book much as I’ve been focusing on Wanderlust and Vol. 4

Strong willed and natured, Westra is not easily daunted when confronted with a dangerous situation. A born leader, she is not afraid to take things into her own hands if she sees fit. I am really looking forward to writing about her and having a strong, central female character.



NevaehEveryone knows about Nevaeh, so I’ll just skip over her to other characters…

YEAH RIGHT! You guys would kill me if I left her out! Nevaeh, mixed race princess with Elf, Man, and– surprise!– nymph in her blood! Yes, Nevaeh’s mother is half nymph, making her one quarter. Bratty spoiled princess kidnapped by a very… interesting… person… she soon learns that there are other people in the world besides her, and sometimes those people need her help.

After realizing Regillion would rather kill himself than hurt her, Nevaeh slowly and gently works on him until she reaches his shell and can crack it open. And what’s inside breaks her heart. Terrified by childish fears and childhood memories, Regillion just needs someone to love and listen to him. So she decides she can be that person. The only person Regillion has ever opened himself up to since he was a child, Nevaeh gives him the undivided attention he wants, which in turn help him heal the wounds he tried to run from. By the time she finally returns to her father’s castle she is no longer the bratty child she was when she left. Now she is a grown up, mature, tender and caring person willing and ready to reach out to those in need.

FeatherBelle  Okay, this is my kick-butt female character. Nevaeh’s daughter, Feather Belle, is rowdy, daring, and anything but the princess her mother is. Basically what her father would have been if he’d had a normal childhood. Taking the scene away from her quieter first-born brother, Feather Belle would much rather ride to the mainland on her father’s dragon then sit inside and learn needlework.

Heroine of Vol. 5, I’m really not sure if I’ll ever write her book. But, you never know. I may surprise y’all ^^


AND now for my non-Heritage of Heroes characters… from the same book as Derren and Dewwn, I present to you…

Angelina  My poor baby, Angelina Oliver. Artistic in nearly every way, Ange loves to paint and draw in multiple mediums and used to be quite an adorable social butterfly until…

Good grief, I can’t believe I do this to my characters.

Her father got drunk and was fighting with her mom and shot both her mom and her little brother and she only survived by locking herself in the bathroom and calling 911.

With her father now in jail, Angelina’s aunt and uncle are her legal guardians and she lives with them and her cousin Tyla. Having closed her self off to everyone but Ty, Ange is afraid to let anyone else close to her for fear of having her heart ripped out again.

And this is where the twins come in. On her first day at her new school, she is befriended by Derren and Dewwn who, to her horror, nearly dance circles around her trying to draw her out. Luckily for her, their best friend is an introvert and when they get a little too pushy, Ben can shoo them off to give her time to calm down.

TylaAnd we have Tyla, Angelina’s cousin. Extrovert, obsessed with Ange’s art and convinced all Ange needs is more social time in public and she’ll return to normal, Tyla is dedicated to being a full-time soccer player and CNA. (I know, awkward mix, but that’s what she wants.)





Now we have a guest character from the awesome Vandi…

Faine Faine Strife from our project Never Mind. Faine is twenty years old at the start of Never Mind. The ginger redhead mentioned in Kayu’s section, she lives life by the seat of her pants and a set of twelve rules she created for herself. Fai was, a precocious, though mischievous, youth; her first memory was setting fire to her mother’s dresser and being caught by her future partner-in-crime, Valani Suthmore. Hope, her mother, was insane as far back as she could remember, often screaming at nothing and raging at miscellaneous pieces of furniture and was responsible for the death of Faine’s father after she found out she was pregnant. Fai ran away from home when she was nearly twelve, after her brother Cloud, and Val left home and after her almost-mother was murdered by Hope– only found out later her almost-mother was, in fact, Val’s mother, and that’s part of the reason he left.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the female counterparts of the male characters we all love so well, and possibly grow to love these girls as well ^^


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