Godsdaughter on Facebook! And ramblings.

I finally decided to make a Facebook page for Godsdaughter. You may find the page here or search for ‘Godsdaughterforever’.


I am pre-scheduling this post ahead of time so by the time you read this I will be at church camp in Lousiana. I am really excited about going next week because I’ve never been to a week-long camp before. In California our church went to Youth Conference every year, but that was Monday through Thursday morning and we stayed in nice hotels with buses to take us back and forth from there to the church.

But now my friends at church tell me we’re staying in cabins with bunks that are shorter than me (-__-), we have to bring ALL our own bedding, we’re gonna be playing in the lake where there are gators… yeah. So this is definitely gonna be a new experience for me. And, our youth group from Trinity Baptist church is about as big as our whole church in CA was.

The last few days of this week have just been awesome. And I mean just. plain. awesome. I’ve been finding and reading a ton of writer blogs and it seems like every author of every blog knows all the other authors of all the other blogs I’ve been checking out! And several of these people I’ve ALREADY been following pinterest. I have been in a state of pure bliss racing around and subscribing to tons of blogs. I hardly have time to read the articles I get by email already… but that’s beside the point.

Mama and I are almost completely packed up for our move. We leave Tuesday the 18th(three days after I get back from camp O_O). On Thursday morning Imma have breakfast with…

Drum roll please.


Yes. For serious. Imma get to meet this peickal person FOR REALZ and buy her book ANNNNNNNNND have her autograph it. So you can see why my life is so amazing right now. So many wonderful things happening all at once that I don’t know what to do with myself.

I dreamed about Regillion last night. He was his usual self. Rotten, jerky, everything. He had his foreboding black clothing on(does he where anything else? No.) and was just being a pill. I don’t even remember what he was doing, but he was being a brat.

Wanderlust has been pushing Vol. 4 to the back burner and taking up what little writing and plotting time I have. I was starting to get discouraged because with packing and planning and church camp, I hadn’t had time to write in weeks. Weeks. Like… three ish plus weeks. And then Racid dragged me to the Wanderlust document and made me type out three pages. He’s so sweet, underneath all his crustiness. *huggles and coddles him* So, in return for his being so thoughtful, I am XXSPOILERSXX him. I know, such a wonderful, beautiful way to show my love… not. I’m a writer, what can I say?

Anyway, Wanderlust is coming out and becoming more clear by the day. It seems like it’s going to be quite a bit shorter than I originally thought, but I don’t mind. I’m learning and growing and that’s the main thing.

My goals for the next year are to turn 18(can’t really get away from that one) so I can get my driver’s license, and to finish school. My ‘High School Bucket list’ is ever growing, and I am looking forward to all the new opportunities and challenges I will have this time next year.

So, that’s my life right now. I don’t usually talk about myself on here but I felt like rambling and this is what came out. I can’t wait til my life settles down to normal again… (or did it ever…?)


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