Wanderlust, and My Boys.

Yesterday was a BEST. DAY. EVER. Thanks to Elizabeth K., and her post she made yesterday, I have finally found the title for Heritage of Heroes, Vol. 1. My friends, I present to you,


And I got to ride a horse and go swimming yesterday, and eat BBQ, so yeah, it was a good day.

I also present to you,

My Boys.

I was going to make these two different posts, but then I didn’t make the Wanderlust post yesterday, so you get ’em both right here right now. Without further ado…

RacidRacid. First hero in my HoH series, Racid was kidnapped at a young age and raised, brainwashed, and trained under scrupulous care of the Calmoanian government. Finally, in his early 30s, he is sent on a mission and what he discovers is far from the quarry he was sent after. Racid is a loner, prefers to work on his own, does not like confinement or a lot of rules and guidelines. He would rather find out on his own what works and what doesn’t. He is protective over those he loves, and a force to be reckoned with when crossed.

He was a spur of the moment character who was born out of a writing assignment(that’s how all of Wanderlust was born). We had a rough start together in our author-to-character relationship, and he can be finicky to write about. But I love him because without him, there would be no Heritage of Heroes.

HCHC, aka Head Coordinator. This guy is… creepy. I mean, for serious. Look at his pic. How would you like to be raised by THAT? Exactly. That’s what Racid grew up with.

HC is the oldest of the Durgoth triplets and his name is more accurate than you could imagine. The ‘brains’ behind the triplets’ world take-over scheme, he is a NASTY person to tangle with. Merciless to even his so called ‘friends’, the only thing that matters to HC is complete and utter power with no threat of a revolt. He plans to cow all the people under him so low that a revolt would be the last thing on their minds. He will go to no end to achieve his goal, even if that means– Oops, sorry, no spoilers. Anyway, he doesn’t care how many people he slaughters. He will not be stopped.

JonathanJonathan. Second triplet. Married an Andoniesian woman to enhance the image of him becoming a real mountain native. Infiltrated the court under strict marching orders from HC to get rid of the king. Easily provoked and and feels trapped when things aren’t going his way, slander and deceit are his best friends.

When the king is finally removed and Jonathan has clawed his way to the throne, Racid walks into his trap and Jonathan takes out all his pent up anger and malice on him. Next, his web catches Ichiara, and he cackles with maniacal glee that the triplets’ plan is once again progressing, with two major road blocks out of the way.

My personal favorite of all my villains, because HC is plain creepy and I hate Ekbard with every fiber of my being.

EkbardEkbard. First up, yes it is possible to hate one of your own characters, because I hate this guy. Weaseled his way into a marriage with Ichiara’s mother, then killed her with his own hands to gain sole control of the Valley. Blind rage and screaming fits make him the youngest and most insufferable of the triplets.

Heady with the satisfaction of finally having Ichiara on her way to be butchered, he lets down his guard and is nearly killed by Racid. Instead he sends Racid off to find Ichiara, with no hope of ever rescuing her. And… that’s all for him ’cause I’m not giving away any spoilers for the end of the book.

Okay! Finished with Wanderlust, on to Vol. 2!

Region2Region. I actually don’t know much about him. Westra is his ‘girl’. He is Ichiara’s son from her elven husband Bregolian. Volume 2 is set about two thousand years after Wanderlust, and the Forest has spread far, far East, South a bit, and North almost to the coast. On the South-Eastern edge is a human settlement where Westra is from, and that’s about all I know about them so far.

Region is ruler over the Glade after Ichiara passes. Nearly all the elves have left Shalanda and settled in the Glade as their new elven colony.

RegillionRegillion. Ohhhhhh, boy, here comes the fun. Most of yall already know everything about Regillion, but I know you won’t mind hearing it again.

Ruler over the scraggly remains of the once great country of Calmoania, Regillion is as hard, cold, and merciless as the landscape around him. Dressing in nearly all black(with barely varying shades of silver, grey, and brown), he learned at a young age if you don’t look out for yourself, no one will. He buried his feelings, past, emotions, and memories long ago and tried to forget everything that happened.

But he can never bury his fears. Scared of the dark, scared of being alone, scared of going hereditarilly insane like his mother, Regillion is a mess. But kidnapping a mixed race princess will solve all his problems, right?


Nevaeh is more than he bargained for. Much more than he bargained for. At first, she was the sweet, timid princess he had in mind when he planned his kidnapping. But then… she returns to her old normal self– with an extra dose of self confidence and pride. Being the only person to have ever truly defied him since his adulthood, he’s never quite sure how to handle her. And he rarely realizes she thinks the same toward him.

KailOHHH, Yeah! For those of you who have not met him, here is KAIL!!! Nevaeh’s older brother, he is DEFINITELY one of my fav’s from Vol. 4. Over protective of his little sister and brother, he jumps to every wrong conclusion there is when he finally meets up with Nevaeh’s kidnapper. After nearly choking him to death in their first encounter, and earning a cold hard punch in the jaw from Regillion in their second, this guy isn’t the greatest at making friendships with “weird, creeper, goth kidnappers.”

Crown heir of the mixed race throne he and his siblings are a part of, he will definitely need someone to keep the lid on him, or else just make him learn how to calm down and think rationally when he’s angry.


Alright, and now three more boys who are not from HoH, but are currently being worked with, all in stories being co-authored with my awesome VANDI!!!


First, my crazy boy Kayu Arashi. His motto for life is, “If it doesn’t make sense, say it.” The second youngest of eight children, with two VERY controlling parents, Kayu left home at age sixteen after a sparring match with an older brother went awry. A couple years later he found a half drowned puppy in a gutter, which he took and nursed back to health. Now the full-grown ugly mutt won’t leave him for anything. Kayu’s main defense is confusing people, and making them laugh nervously with his random, quirky comments and spins on their own words that don’t make a lick of sense. At age twenty-four he met a ginger redhead who refused to smile at his witty quips. You know what that means… he took it upon himself to make her laugh as much as possible. Let’s just say… I think he’s succeeded.

He is the ‘hero’, you might say, of the project he’s in entitled Never Mind.

f6d4fb25cde95882b7697bc0cfe7f583Derren and Dewwn. Identical twins, age eighteen, looking forward to graduating this summer and being FREE! My first attempt at co-authoring AND modern setting fiction(aside from a few fails several years ago), these boys are a riot and you have absolutely NO CHOICE but to have a good time around them.

Best friends to an introvert named Ben, and working on friendships to Angelina and Tyla(featured in a future post). Determined to uncover whatever secret Ange’s is hiding from everyone, who knows where they will take us as we try to write them onto paper.


And those are my gorgeous boys! I love them all, and I hope you do to. Another post, entitled ‘My Girls’, will hopefully follow soon.


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