Revenge on the 6th.

I hate May 4th. And yes, I do hate it for the first reason that comes to your mind.

I also hate Star Wars. Yes, I know I’ve never watched it, so who am I to say I don’t like and yadda yadda yadda.

Truth is, I’ve already over-dosed on Star Wars without even having to have watched it. Being forced to play Star Wars games with my cousins because that was the only thing they would play, having to smile and nod and fake laugh every May 4th when tons and tons of people would say the same joke over and over again until it was a cold as road kill; having to smile and nod when people gaped at me after finding out I’d never watched the movies before.

Personally, I have nothing against the plot, storyline, etc. It’s just that I’ve had way more than my share of it already.

But seriously, what is this thing about not being admitted into civilized society if you haven’t watched Star Wars? Yeah, I know it’s popular. Yeah, I know everyone has watched it(except me). Yeah, I know it’s ‘one of those movies you just HAVE to watch’. But those are really the only reasons you have for me to watch it, right?


I am not glued to the TV. I do not watch every movie that comes down the pipe just because there’s a hot actor playing in or the director of the movie has made a trillion other good movies before. I do not watch TV shows. We don’t even have cable at our house. I have only been in a movie theater about five times in my seventeen years.

Atrocious, I know. My childhood was so deprived. My mom didn’t babysit me with the TV just to get me out of her hair. I didn’t grow up knowing about all the latest shows, movies, actors and celebrities. Poor, poor me. My childhood was so lacking.

Instead of using the TV and cheap babysitter to keep me occupied long enough for my mom to get her housework done, she had me play outside. She had me help her with her housework(revolutionary idea, shocking!). She read to me(and yes, she made time for it because I was important enough to have time made for me).

Mama taught me that there are millions of things more interesting and worth while than watching the latest episode of my favorite TV show. Even now, we have about half a dozen movies in. the. house. and we watch one about once a month, if that.

Mama cultivated in me a love for learning, reading, and creating. I was not supplied with battery operated toys to entertain me. I had model horses, dolls, and stuffed animals that encouraged me to make up my own games and stories to act out with them. I learned the joy of playing in the dirt, dancing in the rain, and throwing bubbles at my brother when Mama washed the car on a hot day.

I am so utterly thankful to my Mama for investing the time and energy in me to raise me with an interest in my surroundings, a craving to learn and read, and a love for the simple things in life that bring the most profound happiness.

So why haven’t I watched Star Wars? Because I’d rather stare up into the sky on a clear night and watch real stars with my own eyes. I’d rather garden, read, write, draw, be read to, work in my hobbies and crafts. There are many, many more important things out there that aren’t just more worth while than gluing yourself to the TV, but will help you and motivate you in real life to achieve actual goals that will give you much more satisfaction than watching another episode of whatever-it-is.



3 thoughts on “Revenge on the 6th.

  1. Ohh, catching up on commenting here. I do agree with most of this, except for a few points.

    * It’s Revenge OF the Si{x]th
    * I’m not glued to the TV either; but Star Wars is a bit of a must-see.

    You can’t be NOT a bit of a Warsie around my brother, is my excuse. XD

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