The May vlog is here!!!

Here it are, folks! There is a typo… or maybe that would be a speako… XD Anyway, when I was answering the question about washing my clothes and I said the last time I had washed them was in Texas… I meant in CA.

Last night I also deleted all the comments and questions on the vlog page, so hurry up and post some more for the June vlog!

(Can you tell I like talking with my hands? XDDD)


3 thoughts on “The May vlog is here!!!


    because i’m just evil like that.

    i wish I could find a color to paint my room both my mom and I are satisfied with.
    oh well.

    1. My room was orange when we moved here, so neither of us has a say in it. The only thing she said, “I am NOT having an orange room!” so that meant I got it XD

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