A bio form of… Regillion!

Sorry, it’s been a WHOLE WEEK since I last posted! AUGH! Sorry. To make up, here’s a longo bio form of Regillion.

The Questions

  • Full name of Character: Regillion Deigolo (De-aye-gu-low)(Yes, I did just come up with that on the spot, but I’ve been meaning to give him a last name for a while XD)
  • Reason, meaning or purpose behind the name: first; cuz it starts with an ‘r’. Last; cuz it was the first thing I could think of XD
  • Nickname, from who?: ‘Wegiwwion’, from Nevaeh. HE. HATES. IT.
  • Reason for nickname: She was being silly because he was being a jerk.
  • Occupation: Official Jerk of the Whole Northern Atlas.
  • Social class: Whatever he chooses XD

Physical Appearance:

  • Age: Unknown(to you. Not me. *evil laugh*)
  • How old they appear: Much older than his real age. About 30.
  • Eye Color: Black.
  • Hair color, length, and style: Black(like, imagine half natural black, half dyed black. That’s what it looks like, with that fake, reflective, greasy look.), neck/shoulder, straightish/wind blown/whatever.
  • Weight and height: 6’2, 180.
  • Type of body (build): Lank, tall. Very strong, but looks flimsy and weak. Until you see his eyes.
  • Skin tone and type: Pale. (what ‘type’ do people have anyway? o_O)
  • Shape of face: How dare you stare at him long enough to make out what shape face he has. XD Longish, but not too long. Just barely long enough to be ‘long’.
  • Predominant feature: Eyes. Most definitely.
  • Is s/he healthy?: Physically; yes. Mentally; no.


  • Char’s favorite color: Black. Why do you ask, isn’t it obvious by now? XD
  • Least favorite, why?: Probably something like pink or yellow. Something cheery and bright.
  • Music?: He doesn’t have time for it.
  • Least favorite music, why?: Doesn’t have time for that either.
  • Food: He likes nice food. Like, nicely prepared, primpy, fancy food. (He IS a duke’s son after all.)
  • Expressions: “Shut up.” “Still shut up.” “Keep shutting up.” “No, you can’t shut down yet, still shut up.”
  • Expletives (curse): Umm, lots. Like… ones we don’t even know. Ones we’ve never heard… ones he makes up… yeah. o_o
  • Mode of transport: Thorn XD
  • Hobbies: Kidnapping princesses… XD
  • How do they spend a rainy day? Plotting to kidnap princesses XD


  • Are they a daredevil or cautious? Neither, really. I suppose he’s a leetle more cautious than he his daredevilish, but he’s really not either one.
  • Do they act the same alone as when with someone? Not really. He thinks more and deeper and darker when he’s alone, and when there’s people around he’s annoyed.
  • Habits: Pacing, staring vacantly in front of him when he’s thinking. Yelling at people and telling them to shut up XD
  • Drinks: Surprisingly no. You’d think someone like him would, but he doesn’t.
  • How much: None.
  • Greatest Strength: Truthfully… I don’t think he has one, true, real strength. There’s nothing he’s amazingly skilled or talented at. That’s why he’s kind of lost… *sniffle*
  • Greatest Weakness: Everything. Mostly his past, his memories. His guilt.
  • Soft spot: Probably his weakness.
  • Is their soft spot obvious, why/why not: It’s a little obvious that he’s hiding something and that he’s deeper… but it’s impossible to know any more until he lets you know. Or unless you’re Nevaeh XD
  • If not, how do they hide it: He hides everything he can about himself.
  • Biggest Vulnerability: His mother.


  • Hometown: Capital of the Deigolo Dukedom.
  • Type of childhood: Bad.
  • First Memory: Anything he might have remembered before he was seven was shocked out of his brain when his mother killed his father. Now that’s the earliest thing he can remember.
  • Most important childhood event that still effects him/her: Prob a tie between seeing his mother go insane, and then killing her seven years later.
  • Why? Man, is this a dumb question. HE KILLED FOR GOODNESS SAKE! Need I say more?????
  • Education: Almost none. He had a little bit of schooling before he was seven, and for a couple years afterward his nanny tried to teach him. During the rest of the seven years he read everything in the house several times over, so that was just about all the education he got.
  • Finances: How dare you ask such a rude and scandalous question. And if you’re thinking about robbing him, don’t. Baaaaaaaaad idea. So no, you won’t get an answer to that question. Next?


  • Mother: Lady Amelia Deigolo
  • Relationship with her: Bad.
  • Father: Duke Evaldo Deigolo
  • Relationship with him: Relatively well, as far as he can remember. Definitely not bad.
  • Siblings, How many, relationship with each: None, none, and still none.
  • Children of siblings: Still none…
  • Other extended family: Nope, still hasn’t changed.
  • Close? Why or why not: Still not. Dude, why don’t you just give up?


  • Most at ease when: Never. When he’s alone, his thoughts and memories rip him apart, and when he’s with people he’s annoyed, frustrated, and mad.
  • Most ill at ease when: All the time, basically.
  • Priorities: Find a way to keep Nevaeh with him forever. And be a jerk.
  • Philosophies: Shut up.
  • Past failure they would be embarrassed to admit: It’s not really a failure… and it’s not really embarrassing; but killing his mom probably.
  • Why? Cuz he killed her, no duh.
  • If granted one wish what would it be, why? To either forget his childhood, or to keep Nevaeh with him forever. (Probably the latter ^^)


  • Optimist or pessimist? Why? Neither. He doesn’t care how things turn out. He’s confident, and he knows how to take care of himself. That’s what make him dangerous.
  • Introvert or extrovert? Why? Introvert. I think you already get the idea he doesn’t like people…
  • Drives and motives: Forget his past, find something or someone who can help him forget and get over it. Find a way to keep Nevaeh with him forever.
  • Talents: Being a jerk.
  • Extremely unskilled at: Social stuff XD people stuff.
  • Good characteristics: Does he even have any? FOR SERIOUS, MY POOR GUY DOESN’T EVEN HAVE ONE GOOD CHARACTERISTICS????? (and no, I can’t call him ‘my baby’, erm… just… wouldn’t work XD)
  • Character flaws: Everything? Seriously, you want me to name them all? Unsympathetic, can’t relate to other people. You know how like Frankenstein’s creature couldn’t grasp the concept of how his actions affected others? That’s how Regillion is. He does have emotions(more than you realize), and he does have a soul, he’s just… distant. Cold.
  • Biggest regret: Being born, probably.
  • Minor regrets: Surviving being born.
  • Biggest accomplishment: Either taming Thorn or kidnapping Nevaeh. He’s not sure which to say is bigger XD
  • Minor accomplishments: Finding and re-founding the little town outside his castle/the remnant of Calmoania. Taking care of himself while he wandered for three and half years before finding Thorn and going north. Ermm… idk.
  • Darkest secret: Killing his mother.
  • Does anyone know? You do. Cuz I just told you XD Nevaeh knows, and she’ll never tell a soul.
  • How did they find out: Regillion told her.


  • One word they would use to describe themselves: Jerk(yes, he knows he’s a jerk and he likes being a jerk and he won’t ever stop XD)
  • What do they consider their best physical characteristic and why: His cloak. Or his hair. Because… who knows.
  • The worst one? Why? His pale skin cuz he thinks it makes him look wimpy.
  • Are they realistic assessments? Is he ever realistic?
  • If not, why not? These ‘why’ questions are stupid.
  • How they think others perceive them: He’s actually afraid of appearing weak and helpless, because that’s basically what he is, so that’s why he acts like a jerk because he thinks it covers up his perceived ‘weakness’.

Interaction with other people:

  • How do they relate to others: He doesn’t.
  • How are they perceived by strangers: As a weird, creeper, dark sorta guy.
  • Friends: I would say Nevaeh… but they were never on ‘friendly’ terms, as friends or anything.
  • Wife/husband/lover: *zips lips* No spoilers, even though you probably already know.
  • Author’s first impression of the char: My first impression of him was this creepy, dark, shadowy guy who I knew nothing about who kidnapped someone and was bad and stuff.
  • Readers first impression of the char: He’s a jerk.
  • Why? Because he is.
  • What happens to change this perception: Nothing.
  • What do people like most about this char: Umm, I have NO IDEA!!!! Why DO you guys like him so much? What about him IS likable? I suppose I could ask myself the same question… but I want to know what YOU GUYS like about him so much!!!
  • What do they dislike most about them: He’s a jerk. (Is there anything specific you guys DON’T like about him?)


  • Immediate: Keep Nevaeh.
  • Long term: Keep Nevaeh forever.
  • How do they plan to accomplish them: Any way he can.
  • How will others be affected by this: He doesn’t care.


  • How do they react in a crisis: Get annoyed, mad, and start yelling at people to listen to him as he takes control the situation.
  • How do they face problems: With a scowl. And a snarl, if it’s a big problem.
  • Kind of problems they usually run into: Lots XD
  • How they react to new problems: With a snarl, or a growl. Sometimes a ‘shut up’…
  • How they react to change: Same as he does to anything else. (*point above*)


  • Favorite clothing, why: Black cloak. Because… it’s his cloak. And it’s black.
  • Least favorite, why: I don’t think he has a least favorite.
  • Jewelry: If Regillion wore… No, if you could hold him down long enou– no, not that either. Scary thought. Just, no.
  • Other accessories: Clothes?
  • Drives: Keep Nevaeh forever.
  • Where do they want to live: Right where he is.
  • Spending habits, why: He like… never spends money. And if he does, it’s for necessities that can’t be gotten on the island.
  • What do they do too much of, why: Think. Because… he thinks too much about everything.
  • Most prized possession, why: Nevaeh. WHY DO YOU THINK? (She says she’s not a possession, and he just said she was. So there.)
  • People they secretly admire, why: Nevaeh. Because is his eyes, she’s perfect.
  • Person they are most influenced by, why: Nevaeh. Because she’s the only person he’s around.
  • Most important person in their life before story starts, why: Is Thorn a person?

I hope you like it! And for serious, people, PLEASE tell me why you like him so much!!!! Comment, even if the only thing you say is, ‘Because he’s a jerk.’ TELL MEHHHH!!!! I want to know how I made such a rotten, jerky, likeable character XD


6 thoughts on “A bio form of… Regillion!

      1. Ehh… I guess it’s kind of part of it, and I can’t speak for everybody, but also, an admiration of his fleshed-out backstory and an actual *reason* for his attitude, versus just the excuse “he was born like that”. Admirable. ^^ Can’t think of any more at the moment, but you just wait, it’ll come to me as I fall asleep and I’ll forget about it by tomorrow. XD

      2. Before I knew about his back story, I was struggling with his reason for being a total jerk. I didn’t want him to be a bad guy who turns good, or a good guy who’s just bad. I wanted him to be a ‘good guy’ who was a total idiot and a heartless jerk. I asked one of my friends about how to do that(cuz she had some pretty good ‘good guy’ jerks), and she said he needs to have a *reason* to be a jerk. And after I found out his reason, he absolutely blossomed and I got to know him for real, instead of just having him lurk in the corners of my mind. (He still does that sometimes… but I know him better now XD) And that also let to me finding out the reason why he kidnapped Nevaeh. Before, I was like, “Okay, he kidnaps her… but why?” I knew it wasn’t for the ransom money, but that was just about all I knew.

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