That moment when you can just feel God’s love for you.

Never under estimate God’s power to answer prayer. Even a small prayer that you add almost as a side note, one that’s not critical, something you might only remember to pray about half the time, something you don’t necessarily have your heart set on the answer for, but something you’d like, or wished for for a while, and sometimes don’t even except God to answer, but you toss it in for good measure.

And then sometime later down the road, when you’re bouncing back and forth between being really upset, unstable, depressed even, and being so happy you don’t know what to do with yourself. You might not even know exactly why you’re happy, you just *ARE* and that knowledge makes you even happier. Suddenly it hits you like a rock; God has answered that prayer. That side note, that little extra thing you were half-heartedly hoping for… you have it. Or had it. Or it happened. Or it was fulfilled.

When you sit there and think about all the blessings God has bestowed upon you since you started asking for that thing, when you can just *FEEL* His love, wrapped around you, you can almost smell it in the air, and you’re so overwhelmed you have to have a little joyous happy cry fest.

I had that moment this morning watching the broadcasted sermon from my home church in Texas. I miss my church family and I haven’t seen them in almost two months. In nine days I’ll be back for my first service since I left for CA.

I was talking to my mom about it in chat, and she said that at every single service, nearly half the church asks about me, wondering when I’ll be back, how I’m doing out here. I said I felt so loved. She said I was, immensely; that I’ve made an impact on so many people, not just those at church. So I had to sit there for a few moments and just bask in God’s love, and the knowledge that so many people love me and miss me. A moment when something you’ve always vaguely known about and accepted,  hits you in hardcore reality. Except this wasn’t a bad realization moment. It didn’t hurt. Instead I just felt so overwhelmed by God’s love, and the love of others for me.

Part of my prayer time every morning is to ask God to allow me to be a ‘joy-light’ to someone today, allowing me to be a blessing to someone, encourage someone, brighten their day by spreading His Light through me; that He might be glorified, and not myself. Since I started praying that, I’ve seen where I was a blessing to people over and over each day, and you know what? It doesn’t stop there. When you help others and make their day and bless them, it’s like a boomerang affect. God turns those same blessings back on yourself, and your own day is brighter and happier, for seemingly no reason at all. You’re just filled with that unexplainable, ultimate happiness.

That’s what comes from walking close to Him, doing your absolute best to fulfill His will for your life. You have the Joy of the Lord in your soul, and it affects other people. His Joy is contagious, it rubs off on other people you interact with. Even in a less-than-perfect situation, you can be completely and totally content, knowing He holds the whole world on His hands, and He careth for you.



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