Random new charrie; Meet Orthidion.


Description: Jaw length, unkept, uneven black hair. Black eyes that occasionally spark Lichtenberg figures if he is really upset or mad(but only if he’s positively charged). Roughly tanned skin from traveling and living in the wild due to his avoiding people and inhabited areas. Wears long sleeved coat/shirt all the time, a black glove on his right hand which he never takes off. Cloak or coat always has a high collar that covers his neck up to his jaw, which he retreats into and can hide about half his face in if he chooses. He never carries or wears anything with metal on it, and tries his hardest to never touch anything metal for any extended period of time. In the rare event that he was not wearing a long sleeved shirt(or a shirt at all for that matter), he has Lichtenburg figures all down his arms, chest, shoulders, back, and neck, and one small leafy pattern extending to the top of his right hand, hence the reason why he permanently wears the glove. He always tries to keep the figures covered up and never shows them to anyone willingly.
Personality: Moody, irritable, unpredictable, violent at times, especially when a storm is drawing near. (Due to his body being charged positive most of the time)
Race: Human.
Age: 27
Location: Anywhere where there’s no people.
Family: Father(blacksmith) died in the lightning storm that resulted in his Lichtenburg figures.
Weapons: Wooden staff with hardened, sharpened tip. Several beaten, aged stave type knives as well.
Faults/Weakness: Lightning. And he also hates apothecarys and any doctors, herbalists; anyone having to do with experiments or powders or concoctions.
Gifts/Powers/Talent: He is fully human and has no special powers.
History: His father worked as a blacksmith and he worked with him since he was able to walk. He still knows the trade exceptionally well, but will not go into as a personal trade because he’s afraid of being around too many magnets, metal pieces, water, etc. all in one place. Beside the blacksmith shop was an apothecary who regularly carried out experiments that often resulted in small explosions and electrical fires which Orthidion helped to put out, along with his father. They had an agreeable friendship with the apothecary, but Orthidion was usually annoyed with constantly having to put out fires and help clean up their neighbor’s laboratory.
When Orthidion was seventeen there was a terrible lightning storm that lasted several days. The blacksmith shop was struck numerous times due to it’s content of metal/magnets, and metal-enforced frame. Then the apothecary’s house was struck, twice in quick succession, resulting in a terrible explosion and a gigantic electrical fire. As Orthidion and his father rushed to help, his father was burned to death in the space of a few seconds and Orthidion had to try and put the fire out alone. He was almost burned like his father in the process and when he finally gave up and ran back to their shop, that building was on fire too and attracting an almost constant stream of lightning strikes.
Orthidion was struck by a lightning strike when he was between the two flaming buildings. Knocked unconscious, he was buried by another explosion from the laboratory, soaked from the pounding rain.
Underneath the rubble mixture of water, metal, different electric charges, and multiple dangerous mediums from the apothecary’s, the lightning continued to strike all around him, and eventually the two buildings collapsed.
As a result, he is constantly in danger of becoming positively charged. The very slightest thing can charge him, wind direction and forced, brushing against an object, being in contact with water or metal, weather changes, etc. Whenever a storm is approaching, he can sense it and usually becomes positive by the time the storm catches up to him. Since lightning is almost always negative, he is struck on a regular basis and has grown used to it. Every time he is struck, his Lichtenburg figures change shape and position. Sometimes he is hurt when lightning touches him, sometimes he doesn’t even feel it. He has mental problems, instability, and often depression due to his weakness to positive ions. He has a giant blister behind his right shoulder which is always the entry point when he is struck.

Here is a picture of what his Lichtenburg figures look like, though they are slightly darker than these.



Reference links: http://capturedlightning.com/frames/lichtenbergs.html




3 thoughts on “Random new charrie; Meet Orthidion.

  1. Hi, Orthidion. Nice to meet you. XD

    Hey, a non-R name! ^^ Still not sure what Lichtenburg figures are, but I’ma Google it. Poor guy. *pats* How excited are//were you to try him out on a scale of one to ten?

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