Interview with Nevaeh

I have to give credit to Mirriam for the character interview idea, I’m just ‘borrowing’ it XD

This Nevaeh that I am interviewing has been with Regillion for three years. She is not the ‘book’ Nevaeh though. She is the Nevaeh in my mind, outside the book. Same charrie and all, just the way my characters interact with me, there’s a ‘book’ version and a ‘mind’ version. Even though this Nevaeh has only been with Regillion for three years, she still knows she ends up marrying him, knows everything about him, knows the whole storyline, knows what’s gonna happen etc. That’s just how my characters are. So, now that I’m don’t confusing yall, let’s get to the fun part;

1) How old are you?(And, how old were you when Regillion kidnapped you?)

I am 22. I was 19 when he kidnapped me.

2) Tell us a little bit about growing up as a princess and what your childhood was like.

I was spoiled rotten, being the only girl with two brothers bordering me. I wasn’t the crown heir, I was my father’s princess(literally). Both my brothers catered to my every wish. I was raised with care and precision, I was made to do my studies, but aside from that I was a spoiled rotten little brat. That’s why Regillion and I butt heads so much, we’re actually pretty similar. About my mid teens I grew out of the bratty, spoiled, little girl, and I mellowed out a bit, but I still had an entitlement mentality.

3) What was your first impression of Regillion?

That he was a weird creeper person come to kidnap me and torture me and hold me for ransom until my father signed over his entire kingdom to him. Oh, and he was a dragon master.

4) What was your SECOND impression of him?

That he was as rotten and spoiled as I was and just needed help and company, but didn’t know how to ask for it or get it.

5) What is it like living with Regillion? It seems like it might be somewhat like ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Yes, that is the perfect way of putting it. Living with Regillion is like handling a dragon without any protection from the flames, but knowing the flames wouldn’t hurt even if he did blast them at you. (But don’t compare him to Thorn. Thorn’s just a big, wimpy, scale covered baby.)

6) Do you like the way he treats you, and are you really scared of him?

Yes, he treats me like a queen. Too much, really, though he thoroughly broke me of feeling entitled to anything and everything I wanted. I was very much afraid of him when he first brought me here, and for the first six months or so. I didn’t know what he wanted, he was so wild and unpredictable, I didn’t know what to do around him.

7) Why are you afraid of Thorn? What about him specifically is so scary?

He’s… a… dragon? That’s plenty enough reason right there. He’s huge, he’s scary, he can fry someone with a single breath, he can disintegrate whole buildings with one flick of his tail… and Regillion treats him like a lap dog.

8) What is your honest opinion of Regillion?

He needs help. Really, that’s it. He’s heartbroken, he doesn’t know who or what he is, he’s afraid of the dark, he’s afraid of being alone. His biggest fear is going insane like his mother and murdering those around him and especially those he loves. He’s just a big mess.

9) How homesick are you? Who do you miss most?

I miss my brothers. We used to have a blast together, setting rattlesnake traps and going fishing and braking limbs falling out of trees(don’t tell my parents ^^). They were my best friends. And I worry about my father and my mum, knowing they worry about me when there’s nothing to worry about. I suppose I am homesick a little bit, but Regillion’s castle has become my home.

10) What’s your favorite season?

I love them all. I really couldn’t pick. Though winter here in the north can be BRUTAL. So winter would probably be my least favorite, but I couldn’t pick an absolute favorite.

11) Would you consider yourself more of a goody-two-shoes or a daredevil, apart from the stereotypical things like climbing trees?

I know I’m not a daredevil, but I’m not a goody-two-shoes either. I could be tomboyish when I was out playing with my brothers, or I could act like a lady when I was at a royal supper, so I guess I’m an even mix, in a safe place in the middle.

12) Do/did you have a pet? If so what kind and what was it’s name? If not, did you ever want one and what kind?

I don’t think I ever had a pet that was specifically MINE. I played with my brothers’ dogs, and I loved all the cats in the kitchen, but I never really had a ‘pet’. The closest thing would probably be Meda, my sea horse that Regillion gave me. She and I have a lot of fun together. I don’t think I ever really wanted one either.

13) What is your opinion of the common princess’ ethics and rules?

They’re to stiff. I know kids need to learn proper etiquette and learn their studies and all, and it’s even worse for royals because we have to learn a million other ‘proper’ things, but seriously, kids are only kids once. Let them be kids. Let them eat dirt. Let them fall of a horse a couple of times. Don’t clam up their personalities trying to make them perfect and never let them find out who they really are.

Okay, sorry, that was my soap box. My brothers and I were always touchy about stuff like that. But if you meant after the child stage, and the more teen/adult age, there are obvious things a princess or queen just can and cannot do. I can understand that, but we’re still human. Even though we’re suppose to be perfect because we’re leading a county or kingdom or we’re related to someone who does, we’re just plain humans like you. That’s another thing I love about Regillion. He doesn’t expect me to act like a princess.

14) How well do you get along with Regillion’s servants, on a scale of one to ten?

Oh, I love being around them. They’re my only company besides Regillion. I often go down to the kitchen and talk to the girls and help them cook and clean and do all the servant-ish things. It irks Regillion sometimes, how often I go down there, but who cares. On a scale of one to ten, I would go with an eight or a nine.

15)  Why do you think Regillion is the way he is?

He’s scared. He’s tried to cover up a lot of his fears and tried to convince himself they weren’t fears. He tried to change himself and it didn’t work. He’s mostly an unhappy person who’s perfectly content to be unhappy. He’s just warped. He won’t accept what happened to him and what he’s done and get over it. Instead he tries to deny it and he becomes more unhappy.

16) What do you think of Regillion’s style, of ruling and of fashion?

Ugh. He’s a hard ruler. Too hard. He’s not mean, he just doesn’t have any grace, or mercy, or long-suffering, or anything! I am trying to change that. He’s never been taught how to rule and manage people, though he does a good job, he’s just too hard and too strict. Fashion; Regillion does not have a fashion style. He wears black. I wish he would change it up a bit, at least change the kind of clothes he wears, if he can’t change the color. But he’s dark and moody and wants everyone to know it.

17) Do you like black as much as he does?


18) What do *you* think happened to Thorn to debt him to Regillion?

I’ve never quite been about to wring the whole story out of Regillion, but Thorn’s such a wimp Regillion probably just LOOKED at him and Thorn relented. I know he’s pretty young, even though he’s full grown, and he’s been with Regillion for about ten years, so he must have been VERY young when they first met.

19) If you had to come up with a cutesy nickname for Regillion, what would it be?

Well, you see, there’s this thing. You don’t make up a ‘cutesy’ nickname for Regillion, and live. That’s all there is to it. And he’s not really a nicknameish person. So not only do I not want to get into this for my own personal safety, but it would be impossible to answer.

20) How well do you get along with Lisa(your author)?

Pretty well. She and I both keep a rein on Regillion– as much as is possible without exhausting yourself. Regillion can be plain mean to her with ideas and teasing her and taunting her and eluding to stuff, and sometimes I wanna yell at him, ‘JUST TELL HER!’. He usually does, on his own time table. So Lisa and I kind of suffer together.

21) How do you think Regillion got to be so spoiled?

He spoiled himself because he wanted to forget going without for the seven years his mother was insane. When all the servants left there was hardly anything else left and many times he went hungry before he could find or buy more food. When he finally got away he decided he would never go without again, he would have servants catering to him hand and foot, and he wouldn’t work for anything he didn’t want to. And then, the way he is, he just got so carried away with it and went over board and now he can be completely insufferable.

22) What do you think he thinks of you?

Hmm. That’s hard to put into words. I know–or at least, I think I know– kind of what he thinks of me, but his mind is such a puzzle. I think he’s amused by me. He’s entertained. I liven him up, I change up his monotonous life and bring interest and light to him. I couldn’t say for sure EXACTLY what he thinks of me, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know what to think of me.

23) What do you think of him?

I don’t know what to think of him, just like him to me. I know he needs my help and he needs me period. But he’s such a puzzle, I don’t really know what I ‘think’ of him.

24) Why do you stick with him?

Because he needs me and I love him. My family loves me but doesn’t need me. I think at this point, if I left, or died, Regillion would just crawl into a hole and die. And I can’t let that happen. I want to take care of him and make sure he doesn’t hurt himself.

25) What kind of animal do you think Regillion identifies with?

Interesting question. I couldn’t really say… I could tell you what animal *I* identify him with. He’d be a strange mixture of a wolf and a dragon, except a vulnerable mix that has sharp claws and teeth. Almost like a kitten who thinks he’s big and strong and tough and scary, but if a big dog came along he could crush the kitten in his huge jaws.

And there it is! I believe I might *TRY* to do this with Regillion sometime, so send in your questions. I can’t promise anything, and if I do manage to get him to an interview, it might turn ugly. Even though he loves the spot-light. Like Nevaeh said, he’s warped XD


8 thoughts on “Interview with Nevaeh

  1. COP-OUT!! COOPPPP OUUUTTTT!!!! *points to question Nineteen*

    Okay, I had to get that out of my system somewhat. XDD I love the questions, how they turned out, and the fact that I asked most of them. I can definitely see the answer to that last one.

    Reg, cooperate. Nevaeh, I feel your pain. Thorn… stop being such a wuss.

    1. Regillion just stuck his tongue at you, Nevaeh just threatened to slap him, and Thorn… is debating about whether to have his feelings hurt or not.
      And Regillion yelled at him to stop being a baby XD

      1. WELL. I never thought I’d see the ruler of a NATION act so INFANTILE.

        hot wheels. beat that.

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