Okay, so, last night I was watching an ASMR video on youtube, and I got this flash of an idea for my blog!

How would you guys like it if I made a vlog post?

I think it would be SO fun and amazing and cool and all that, almost like I would be talking to you in person!

So, this is what we’re gonna do. To make sure I have enough things to talk about and ensure that I won’t be blabbering on about nonsense, I want YOU to ask me stuff! Anything you want me to talk about; myself, my blog, my characters, my stories, ANYTHING! Even if you think your question is silly but you just want to ask me something, ask it! We’ll have a TON of fun!

As soon as I get five or more questions/subjects to talk about, I’ll make the video. So go ahead and get asking! (And Tweedle, I know you’re going to ask five questions right off the bat just to make me make the video… that’s fine. But everything else; still ask! Even if five questions have already been submitted. The longer the video, the longer the fun XD)

Love you all!



5 thoughts on “Announcement!!!

  1. Alrighty then… I’ma steal a few qs from my friends first.

    What would you do if you woke up and found yourself in the ‘cat room’ of an animal shelter?
    What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
    What would you rather swim in an entire pool of, sour cream or raw eggs?
    What is your opinion of Sesame Street?
    Are you a backseat driver?
    What is your greatest fear?
    Where is your favorite place to shop?
    How long are your toenails?
    How confused are you right now on a scale of 1-17?

    Would you rather dance with Mr. Darcy or Gilan?
    Squeaky doors or rusty windows?
    Have you ever wished you were a fictional character; if so, who?

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