Sweet Seventeen

Today is my birthday, and I am seventeen. As usual, I didn’t wake up and immediately realize it was my birthday. It took until about 8:30 for me to think, “Wait a minute! Today’s the eleventh!” Even though I had just reread a birthday card I’d received a few days earlier. Ahh, spacy me. Anyway…

For my birthday I thought I would give you seventeen random facts about me. These are TOTALLY random, I’m just gonna type them out as they pop into my head.

1. I recently made a new email address to match my blog ‘godsdaugterforever@gmail.com’ complete with misspelled word! XD

2. I am paranoid of getting lice. I’ve never had it, never had any problems like that before, but I’m still freaked out about the thought of getting it. Once when I was about nine I got a tick on my head and we didn’t discover it for like a week, so maybe that’s part of it.

3. I have synesthesia which is a brain function in which certain parts of the brain that do not normally interact and relate and connected, resulting in A WHOLE NEW WORLD!!!!! No, literally, synesthetic people associate colors, numbers, personalities, seasons, textures, sounds, etc. to random objects and thoughts. For instance, to me ’17’ is a very dark blue, a smidgen taller than 16, more mature. A little quieter and laid back. ’16’ is bright red, bouncy, happy, outgoing, crazy, and a little taller than 15. Strangely, 18 is not taller than 17, but just a hair’s breadth shorter, light yellow, etc. So, yes, I do experience the world in a whole new way. (Sometimes, SEVERAL new ways XD)

4. It is 11;41 and I should have been in bed at nine. My dad and brother took me to see Jack the Giant Slayer in the theater… oh. My. Goodness. AWE-SOME with a capital E! I’d seen the trailers and had been following it since I first saw a trailer in the theater when we went to see the Hobbit, and I’d really wanted to go see it. It was just great. And, confession; I screamed. In the theater. When a giant fell out of the sky. And well… yeah. 3D and all, you would have too XD

5. I am currently reading Throne of Glass my Sarah J. Maas. GREAT book. I am in love with it.

6. My parents split up last year, which was the reason why my mom and I went to Texas. It’s odd, realizing you’re the girl that you stared at before. When you met a new girl and found out her parents were divorced; she was different. She was set apart. Through no fault of her own. Strangely, I don’t feel ‘different’ or ‘set apart’. I’m still me. And I will continue to be the me that God made me until He sees fit that I stop being me ^^

7. I’m starving because I haven’t eaten properly all day, due to my current literary endeavor. *stares meaningfully at Throne of Glass*

8. I hate taking showers. And I hate making coffee. I. Just. Do. Coffee, not so much because I love drinking it, so I know it’s for a good cause. But showers? Seriously? I just hate them. Don’t ask.

9. I hate having dirt under my fingernails.

10. I love wearing wacky, crazy patterned socks MISMATCHED!

11. I have dermatitis, a stress induced skin rash, on my ankles. Sometimes it bothers me so bad I can’t even wear socks. I bought some wacky anklet socks that cut off really low, so hopefully they won’t bother it. And so I can sleep with socks again and my feet won’t freeze.

12. (When I’m sticking to my schedule) I get up at 6:30 in the morning. My friend who sleeps in half the morning thinks I’m insane. But, then again, I do wear mismatched socks in public…

13. I am having a dreadfully hard time coming up with interesting facts about myself.

14. I have a pink chicken. Named Popcorn. Don’t believe me. I dare you.

15. I have a gorgeumous, sweetumous, adorable-umous black cat named Oliver. My mom found him a year and a half ago abandoned in our neighborhood and half starving. I wuvs him to death and I miss him because he is in Texas right now and I’m in California.

16. He’s also leash trained. And car broken. And I can take him into stores(as long as they’re not food stores). Taking him on an airplane is next.

17. And for the last fact I shall tell you… that it’s officially not my birthday anymore. It’s 12:00 March 12. Sorry for the lousy facts people, I’m tired and my brain is fogged up with fantasy mysteries and such and like XD

Hope I didn’t scare you away with all this information about me.



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