And I found a picture of Nevaeh! Please excuse the watermark, I found it on pinterest so it belongs to someone else. I’m just… borrowing it… XD


5 thoughts on “Nevaeh

  1. happy birthday to you
    you live in a zoo
    I think REG is still grumpy at this offkey RAAACCKEEETTTT

    (wish I could make this text bigger… –___– it would be like, epicker. oh well.]

    1. AAHAHHH!!!!! Girl, you are awesome! I love you so much, and thank you for the offkey racket XD made my day(if it could be made anymore than it already was…)
      Question… how did you know today was my birthday? I don’t remember telling you…

      1. You told me. I asked once, because I like to know when my besties’ birthdays are. ^.^ STALKERISH PERSON ALERT!!! STALKE– XDD Imma go off to read your new post now. Hopefully Reg won’t be too angry… This is why I posted it in something of N’s… (that and it was the newest post out there}

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