Today is a Good Day

This morning I slept in(two days in a row!) til 8:30ish. When I got up my cat squirmed around and tried to look cute to lure me back to bed. I told him I was not going back to bed with him and he could sleep in more if he wanted to. He’s still in bed.

I watched several vids of Tim Hawkins after I turned my computer on, did my hair(gasp! I never do that!), sent a screaming fangirlly email to one of my friends(yes, Mirriam, I am a fangirl of you XD), wrote down the recipe for Snickerdoodle brownies, and preceded to make them.

I hadn’t had breakfast yet so my breakfast consisted of licking batter off spoons and fingers(soooooo healthy, I know. My Nutritional Consultant mom would have a fit).

Brownies popped into the oven, I am now in the middle of making Peanut butter granola bars which I should have made yesterday so I could have for breakfast today.

During all this I have been whisper-scream singing ‘When will my life begin!’ from Tangled XD

After lunch Mama and I are going to go out to my Aunt and Uncle’s house for a while so we can chat and watch the dog’s play.

As my friend from church would say, “Today is a GOOD day!”


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