Random info about Regillion

I was talking to my friend about the scene below and asked if it was hard for her to imagine Regillion without his cloak(it’s almost impossible for me). She said not really because I’d never described any of this clothes BESIDES his cloak(it’s like his signature, or trademark, if you couldn’t tell by now).

So I decided to make a post of a couple random tid-bits about him that I somehow can never manage to write into the scenes. (For one thing, he hates it when I mention his clothes. Don’t ask why.)

So, his normal outfit underneath his cloak is…

R: Black.

Me: Yeah, well duh, I was gonna give it a bit more description than that.

R: That’s all they need to know.

Me: *eyeroll*

Anyway, he wears a (blackish) dark silver tunic that reaches just past his waist, a (black) belt. (Black) or grey trousers or leggings. (Black) or dark boots.

(All those ‘blacks’ were added by him.)

The other main tid-bit I was going to mention is that he loves being the center of attention on this blog. As much as he pretends to just tolerate it, he loves getting attention. He’s selfish, in case you didn’t get that already. Just ask Nevaeh.


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