Heritage of Heroes intro(unedited, first draft)

Storks were suppose to deliver babies. And Racid was pretty sure he wasn’t a stork. Yet here he was, delivering a fussy, wet, hungry baby.
He held it under his cloak in an effort to keep it warm. The drizzling rain didn’t bother him, but the baby screamed every time his cloak blew open and it got wet.
Racid didn’t even know how long he would have to deal with it. He had nothing to feed it–a half-day old baby could not eat solid food.
It would most likely die before he found someone who could feed it. The thought saddened him.   As much as the baby annoyed him, he didn’t want to see it die.
He trudged along through the forest; holding the infant tighter as the storm worsened.
Racid realized the baby hadn’t made a sound for some time and peeped into his cloak.
It had a wad of his shirt stuffed into its mouth, sucking on it furiously.
Suddenly a weak voice snapped his attention away from his cloak.
“Please, sir, do you have any water?”
A woman–no, a girl–sat at the foot of a tree, her hair plastered to her face, her clothing stuck to her body revealing a sagging lump on her stomach. She couldn’t have been more than sixteen. She looked extremely weak, her eyes were round and frightened.
“Do you have any water?” She asked again.
Racid pulled his pack off and dropped it on the ground. Still holding the baby, he knelt down and found his canteen. He held it out to her.
But her attention was no longer on him. She was staring with rapture at the baby in his arms.
“Why–whose baby is that?” She asked.
“I don’t know.” He answered. “I found it about an hour ago and was taking it to find someone who could nurse it.”
“May I have it?” She whispered, her eyes transferring to his face. “I just lost my baby.”
That explained why her stomach and chest were so big.
He handed the baby to her. It squalled when Racid’s shirt came out of it’s mouth.
“He’s starving!” She gasped.
She looked from the baby to Racid, and then back.
Racid took off his cloak and handed it to her.
“Thank you.” She said, a faint blush coming to her cheeks.
Racid turned away as the girl covered herself with his cloak and began to nurse the baby, crooning softly to it.


3 thoughts on “Heritage of Heroes intro(unedited, first draft)

  1. YAY-OHHH. bwahaha. awesomeness. Need I say more?

    WRITEMORESOOOONNREQUESTGRANTED. =D Oh, and just so you know, that email if you can see it ain’t valid. I just kinda… borrowed it. Yeah.

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