Welcome to my blog!

Hiya! This is my blog, Godsdaughter4ever. I know the url address is spelled wrong, I noticed that AFTER I reserved the name. Anywho, it makes it memorable, right?

I write fantasy and I need motivation, so I decided to start a blog where I could post snippets and things from my books so people will ping me for more. Hopefully that will get me to write more. Also, I have a deathly fear that no one will like what I write. I am a perfectionist about my writing, though it doesn’t show very much. I’m always afraid someone will beat my story to death with criticism. This blog is to convince myself that I do write good fiction and that people want to read it. I need your help!

I will also be posting random posts about anything that comes to mind that I feel like writing a post about. Something about me, or an intriguing thought.

So, here goes…


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